1000 Thread Count Sheets are Now Here

The thread count is one of the aspects to be taken into account when choosing high quality sheets. It is an indicator of the different qualities of this product, so the higher the thread count per inch, the finer the threads are and, thus, the softer to the touch.

But is it possible to produce 1000 thread count sheets? It is a high end product which to date was not available on the market, no matter how much you have heard about it, as if it was the best kept secret, something everybody knows, but nobody has seen. Thanks to its R&D&I team, Resuinsa has achieved it, starting from the usual 300, 400 and 500 thread count qualities and expanding the collection to 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 thread count.

Up to 1000 thread count sheets in which extra fine cotton is carefully intertwined with the touch of the lightest silk. The result is spectacular: sheets with a unique finish and touch, offering maximum softness and freshness.

As customer service is a top priority for Resuinsa, all these qualities are in stock to offer you a quick delivery of the finished bedding garments. And, of course, the product has the guarantee of the industrial laundering resistance, one of the main requirements at hotels, since they look for a wise and worthwhile investment with durable and functional-in-use linens.

At luxury hotels there is an additional requirement: to exceed the expectations of a demanding guest, offering quality and experiences in line with the image and the high standards of the establishment. These 300 to 1000 thread count sheets stand out for their natural, light and silky touch and for a special shine which provides them a satin finish. Furthermore, they are easy to iron and maintain, and their durability is very high. With all this work, Resuinsa is taking the achievements of the Spanish hospitality industry all across the world and, with this kind of products, it offers a real response to the need for an increase in quality that is being demanded by hotel establishments.

This is achieved not only opting for technological innovation with the development of smart linens using RFID technology, but also thanks to the constant search for the maximum quality in their products, launching this collection of 300 to 1000 thread count sheets.