As a textile expert manufacturer with 46 years of experience, Resuinsa knows how to adapt the design of our products according to the type of establishment, the country’s culture and the latest trends.


The “best sellers” are the basic products that we have always produced, due to their high quality, great versatility and traditional design and our trend products provide an exclusive design in order to create unique atmospheres.


White is never out of date, either in rooms or restaurants. The other designs, colors and finish details change from one season to another, and we always customize them to suit the client’s expectations. We offer you the latest products, decoration samples and inspiration for your new projects.


The ELEGANCE product line offers traditional fabrics such as 100% cotton, polyester/cotton and different linen combinations: 100% linen, linen/polyester, linen/cotton or linen/polyester/cotton. The colors of this collection are usually light and neutral, i.e. white and beige, in plain or Jacquard patterns. Embroideries and customization details are discreet, usually organic lines or the establishment’s brand.


The URBAN atmosphere products are 100% cotton or polyester/cotton.

The main color is white and the bed linen is plain or with striped Jacquard patterns.

The beds in this atmosphere offer maximum comfort thanks to products such as toppers and a wide variety of pillows. Embroideries and customization details are usually straight lines, either white or with contrasting colors like silver, red or black.


The RESORT atmosphere offers 100% cotton products, either in white or in different colors. This product line is designed for the whole family, in plain or Jacquard patterns. These linens provide a welcoming atmosphere, making your guest feel at home.


Products from the NATURE line are made up of natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen. Blankets and duvets are appropriately weighted. The predominant colors are beige, white and other natural colors.


The table linen from the THEME RESTAURANTS line present a wide variety of motifs depending on the ambience of the establishment: Italian, Asian, Mexican, Spanish…But their composition varies from 100% cotton, polyester/cotton or 100% polyester. The quality of our products adds to the restaurant’s atmosphere and enhances its colors and flavors.


SPA & WELLNESS products are made out of 100% natural materials such as cotton and bamboo, adding a soft and silky touch to provide a sense of luxury. The colors are neutral with white and beige being used primarily, and the products have a perfect finish with embroidery promoting the establishment.


Within the hospital industry there are items for the operating room (open surgical drapes, closed surgical drapes, bedspreads, etc.) with standard blue and green colors, and also room articles, which can be common to those used in residential care (waterproof mattress protectors, underpads and bolsters, 100% cotton sheets and towels) predominantly in the color white.