Hospitals and Residential Care


High-quality, lush linens shouldn’t be confined to the posh walls of hotels and spas. Bring the comfort and class of A-grade bed and bath linens to your patients and residents with Resuinsa!


Resuinsa carries a wide range of high-class linens specifically designed for use in hospitals and residential care facilities.


An Extensive Catalog for Hospitals and Residential Care Linen Needs


Explore better linen options for your hospitals and residential care facilities with Resuinsa’s specialty line of linens:


  •         Bath Towels and Mats
  •         Bathrobes
  •         Pillows and Pillowcases
  •         Mattress Protectors
  •         Mattress Toppers
  •         Duvets and Duvet Covers
  •         Blankets
  •         Sheets


Working With a Global Expert


Resuinsa is a global authority when it comes to luxury bed and bath linens, offering an extensive range of products designed for use in hotels and spas. Resuinsa is trusted by countless high-class brands in the hospitality and recreation industries, including five-star global hotel chains, resorts, and spas. We are known for the quality of our linen, always delivering the kind of lavish comfort that is expected from top-tier global brands.


Now Resuinsa has expanded its expertise in providing top-notch linens with our selection carefully- and specially-designed products for hospitals and residential care facilities. These linens carry the same excellence and superiority in material and finish that Resuinsa has always been known for.


Expert Selection of Specialty Linens


As global leaders in specialty linens, Resuinsa is your leading resource for technologically-advanced, high-grade medical linens designed for heavy-duty commercial use without jeopardizing the luxurious, ultra-comfortable feel of each linen.


Resuinsa linens are certified suitable for industrial washing, carefully engineered from raw material to finished product to be able to withstand the harsh chemicals and circumstances involved in commercial wash cycles.


With excellent quality and unmatched comfort, Resuinsa hospital and residential care medical linens will most definitely bring the quality care and relief that your patients deserve and your competitors can only dream of achieving.


Get that five-star upgrade for your facility today with Resuinsa! Contact us at +1 (843) 818-3036 or email us at to connect with us!