Paradores de Turismo is committed to the “smart textiles” from Resuinsa

Paradores de Turismo takes a further step into its digitization, implementing a tool that allows them to manage, in an agile and fast way, all the textile endowments of the rooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. Throughout a public tender offer, Resuinsa has been assigned to develop this new application which is already working successfully in the facilities of Jaén, Costa da Morte, Aiguablava, León and will soon do so in Vielha and Artíes.

The operation is simple, thanks to the incorporation of the RFID system in the textiles, each garment can be identified, and therefore its location and durability can be known. This tool analyzes the traceability of these items in real time, through radio frequency, with tags capable of supporting complex industrial washing processes, and with software that processes and analyzes millions of readings.

Paradores Chief Operations Manager, Carlos Martínez, highlights that smart textiles “greatly facilitate the task of our teams, since the counts are made instantly when the garments come in and out, using the technology implemented. In addition, the data of its exact measurement allows us to make precise decisions about the replacement needs, stocks, and useful life for each one of the garments”.

With this IT solution, Paradores improves the control and management of its textile endowments by identifying, locating, tracing and managing garments. This application generates reports by facility and by item, thanks to the integration of data with the management system employed, which directly results in saving time, in counting and controlling tasks, for the facility´s employees.

By using this digital tool, the traceability of the garments is known, that is their best use, by reviewing their useful life, and writing them off due to loss, wear, or breakage. It also enables to know the disappearances due to theft or loss in the laundry, as well as the verification of the suitability, or not, of the washing processes by checking the entrances and exits of clothes from the facility throughout the washing process.


An essential commitment to technology

For us, that Paradores de Turismo has opted for our smart textiles, is a recognition of the hard effort we have made during years of research and technology transfer. Our General Manager, Félix Martí, points out that “this award is much more than a contract, it is a relationship based on a commitment to quality and innovation. A technological application with TAGS integrated into the garments, capable of withstanding industrial washing, and with software that processes millions of readings, with the system itself capable of analyzing the traceability of garments in real time”.