Resuinsa consolidates and strengthens its internationalization strategy in 90 countries

The internationalization strategy of Resuinsa, a leading hotel linen company, has become stronger throughout 2016. The company is now present in 90 countries, in contrast with the 81 countries it was present in at the beginning of the year.

This has definitely been the year of Resuinsa’s internationalization. Not only have we opened new companies, as the one in Sri Lanka, but we also have signed a collaboration agreement with the 8 Michelin star chef Martín Berasategui who is now our world ambassador” says CEO Mr. Félix Martí.

He also claims that these 9 new contries “represent a step closer to being present in 120 countries by 2019

According to Resuinsa’s CEO, this situation “can be seen at the several fairs we have taken part in, with the warm welcome by the foreign visitors to the fairs” That explains why people from over 50 different nationalities visited the stand of Resuinsa at the last EquipHotel Paris. Even though most of the people were French because Paris is the host for this event, people from Argelia, Belgium, Guadeloupe, Italy, Russia, Tunisia, Spain, the Arab Emirates, Madagascar, Martinique or San Bartolomé also visited us.

The company’s international impact could also be seen at Hostelco. The stand of the company was visited by people from Andorra, Morocco, the Arab Emirates and Portugal among others. However, 80% of the visitors were Spaniards since this event is aimed at the hotel and restaurant industries in our country.

According to Resuinsa’s CEO, “the data confirm the company’s international projection which, on occasion of our 40th anniversary, has been reinforced in 2016 and has thus become a strategy to be followed in the upcoming year”.

Better tourism rates in Spain

Likewise, Mr. Félix Martí has pointed out the “excellent moment” of tourism in Spain, with a historical record of visitors during this past year. “It is good news for our country and we should make the most of this situation so that the hotel and restaurant industries can experience an improvement on the quality of their services along with a rise in the number of their resources”. Therefore, Resuinsa’s CEO confirmed that Atelier a new service is now on, “a service through which our designers are available for our clients so that they can get customized and exclusive designs in their hospitality linen with the higher standards of quality and elegance

Mr. Martí also claims that the boost experienced by the tourism area in Spain should come with an improvement in the infrastructures, due to the fact that “new hotels are being built up and they should be equipped with the latest conveniences to help tourists move around comfortably. Otherwise, this optimistic situation could have the opposite effect and turn out to be less appealing to the visitors