Textile Accessories

Take your branding efforts up a notch with stylish, high-quality textile accessories only from Resuinsa! We have a wide range of textile accessories perfect for use in hotels, resorts, residential care facilities, spas, and other establishments that need embellished, practical branding materials.


Elegance and Quality in One Package


Resuinsa is your leading source of textile accessories that are as stylish as they are functional. Treat your hotel to our topnotch product personalization process! Explore better options only at Resuinsa.


We offer the following textile accessory products:


  •         Laundry Bags
  •         Shoe Bags
  •         Newspaper Bags
  •         Bath Salt Pouches
  •         Sacks for Square Pillows
  •         Sacks for Blankets
  •         Garment Bags
  •         Scale Covers
  •         Hair Dryer Covers


Resuinsa Quality Assurance


If there is one thing you can absolutely rely on about Resuinsa products, it is the quality. All of our textile products are built to last: our raw materials are carefully handpicked and engineered through the weaving, dyeing, and manufacturing processes to withstand harsh industrial wash cycles. Our products are designed not just for perfection – they are designed for durability.


Resuinsa specializes in the needs of the hospitality industry. The competitive nature of this industry requires excellence in product aesthetics and integrity of material and manufacturing – and that is exactly what we can bring for you. Our range of textile accessories are created to help you stand out and stay above your competition.


We have the expertise. We have the history. We have the products that you would want to represent your brand. What more could you ask for?


Improve your branding efforts with the help of Resuinsa!


Work with Resuinsa today and become part of our growing network of happy clients, which includes AAA Diamond hotels, Relais and Chateaux member brands, global hotel chains, and Michelin-star restaurants.


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