The reactivation of tourism in New York

We interview Mrs. Karyl Krugley, our US Agent in New York since April 2010. She has more than twenty-seven years of experience in the hospitality industry. She will give us some insight in how New York´s hotels have lived last year, and their expectations for 2021:

How have hotels in New York dealt with the pandemic in the last year? Hotels have been devastated during the pandemic. The hospitality industry has taken unsurmountable losses. several iconic hotels have shuttered and will not reopen due to the loss of revenue join 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. Some of the iconic New York City hotels that has close permanently are the Roosevelt Hotel- 1,015 rooms, several AKA properties(long stay), Hilton Times Square- 460 rooms, Hudson Hotel – 876 rooms just to name a few at the beginning of the pandemic many hotels we’re used to house first responders, doctors, and nurses.  Some hotels, just to keep the doors open and some revenue coming in, took in the homeless population when the on the shelters were overwhelmed.

Will the current global health crisis affect tourism this year in US? Yes, most definitely- during 2020 there was absolutely no tourism due to the global health crisis. Governments of countries were trying to protect their residents by closing their borders and closing down air travel.  As governments cautiously reopen, I see the pent-up need to travel for business and leisure purposes percolating.  Life is beginning to re-invent to a “new normal”. My hospitality partners are reaching out for merchandise for their planned re-openings and most encouraging is brand new hotels are going forward with their plans.

How is life in the US having been administered a million vaccines? Life in New York is certainly freeing us up now that many have been vaccinated. Most people are still cautious.  As of today Governor Cuomo of New York State lifted the mandate for mask wearing outdoors and many indoor venues.  I personally will continue to wear a mask. There is still a large portion of our population in New York who do not believe in the vaccine and until we reach “herd immunity” there is still a slight fear

Are you already noticing any reactivation of tourism in New York? Thank goodness, yes tourism is returning with local tourists as well as domestic and some international business and leisure travellers.

Which hotels in New York do you recommend for Spanish people? So many to recommend and I will list a few of my favorites: InterContinental New York Barclay Hotel, Innside New York Nomad, Public Hotel…each offer a different experience.  Remember NY’s second language is Spanish making it comfortable for Spanish tourists that visit NYC.

How American people see Spain as a tourist destination? Americans love to travel, especially to Europe!   As soon as Spain is comfortable to allow US tourists to visit you will see Americans returning to Spain for business and leisure travel enjoying its wonderful culture, welcoming people, and delicious cuisines and wines!