Wequassett Resort: “The quality of the linens is the most important elements”

We talked with Dory Ron, Director of Housekeeping at the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Harwich, MA (Cape Cod, Massachusetts). He says that Resuinsa’s linens are luxurious and of the high quality that guests have come to expect.

What makes your hotel be unique?

Wequassett is distinguished as  the only Forbes Five Star resort on Cape Cod.

How would you describe luxury?

We consider both our services and amenities when describing luxury.  We want to provide the highest quality products available and we strive to provide service that is technically proficient and awes and dazzles our guests.

What do you recommend the guests visit in your city?

We recommend the Village of Chatham, a charming traditional New England town with an array of art galleries, boutiques and restaurants. We also encourage our guests to explore many of the surrounding towns with an abundance of beaches, golf courses and bike trails.

How do you manage to make guests feel special in your hotel?

We strive to provide memorable experiences for our guests.  Our employees are empowered to do all possible to please our guests.  They are encouraged to go above and beyond every day to anticipate and exceed guest expectations.

What are the most important elements to have a well-dressed bed?

The quality of the linens is the most important elements.  We have chosen custom linens of a high thread count and a unique design.  Our guests appreciate the look and luxurious feel.

What should table linens be like to enjoy a gastronomic experience? 

Table linens should be beautiful and of a very high quality.

How has Resuinsa contributed to improving the stay and the experience of the guests in your establishment?

Your linens meet the very high standards of our guests.

How would you describe the sensation of Resuinsa’s linens?

They are luxurious and of the high quality that guests have come to expect.  They should be of a similar quality that they use in their residences.